ZuNation Podcasts

ZuNation Ep 1 - Introduction

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ZuNation Ep 2 - Question and Answer with Dr. Laurie

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ZuNation Ep 3 - Converting Your Bird From Seed to Pellets

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ZuNation Ep 4 - Bonding With Your Bird 

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ZuNation Ep 5 - Taking Your Bird to the Vet Part I

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ZuNation Ep 5 - Taking Your Bird to the Vet Part II

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ZuNation Ep 6 - Exercise With Your Companion Bird

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ZuNation Ep 7 - Misconceptions We've Heard

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ZuNation Ep 8 - What Kind of Forager Is My Bird?

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ZuNation Ep 9 - Food Talk

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ZuNation Ep 10 - My Bird Is Being Destructive, What Have I Done Wrong?

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ZuNation Ep 11 - Bringing Home A New Bird Part I

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ZuNation Ep 11 - Bringing Home A New Bird Part II 

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ZuNation Ep 12 - Day in the Life as An Avian Veterinarian 

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ZuNation Ep 13 - So You Want To Be A Veterinarian? 

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ZuNation Ep 14 - It Takes All Kinds of Kinds

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ZuNation Ep 15 - Before I Rescue, What Should I Consider?

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ZuNation Ep 16 - Why Won't My Bird Eat Certain Shapes of Pellets?

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ZuNation Ep 17 - Crazy About Toys

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ZuNation Ep 18 - Boarding My Bird

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ZuNation Ep 19 - Training and Enrichment

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ZuNation Ep 20 - Our Mail Bag Part 1 of 3

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ZuNation Ep 21 - Bird Proofing Your Home

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ZuNation Ep 22 - Spring Cleaning with Pet Birds

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ZuNation Ep 23 - Grooming My Avian Companion

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ZuNation Ep 24 - Colorants in Pellets

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ZuNation Ep 25 - Adding To The Flock

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ZuNation Ep 26 - Socializing your Bird 

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ZuNation Ep 27 - How To Improve Your Bird's Feather Quality

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ZuNation Ep 28 - Illnesses Birds and People Can Both Get

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