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The ZuPreem® team loves your pets. This is an uncertain time, and we are doing everything we can to make sure your pets have nutritious pet food in the weeks and months ahead.

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Feed Smart® Nutrition Plan

An easy way to ensure your bird gets balanced nutrition throughout the week. Support your bird's good health by limiting overconsumption of seed and including healthy nutrition found in ZuPreem® Smart Pellets.

Essential Nutrition

Feed daily as a foundation for your bird's healthy balanced diet.

Enriching Variety

Feed occasionally to keep your bird active, engaged and happy.

Rewarding Treats

Feed as a reward for those special moments with your bird.

Feeding too much seed?

Convert your bird from seeds to a healthy, pellet-based diet now.

FeedSmart® Easy Start Conversion Plans were created to help you convert your bird from seeds to pellets in a way that fits your lifestyle and the habits of your bird. Each plan walks you through conversion in a step-by-step manner so there’s no confusion and transition is simple for you and your bird.

Want to hear it from an expert? Watch our veterinary partners discuss the benefits of a pellet-based diet for your bird.

ZuPreem® FeedSmart Nutrition Plan
1:30 ZuPreem® FeedSmart Nutrition Plan

Read more about Dr. Laurie Hess.

Watch more videos from our veterinary partners and get information on converting your bird to a pellet-based diet on our YouTube channel.

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