Tough Love

By moving between old food, new food, and treat incentives, your bird converts to a new pellet-based feeding plan by creating a routine he recognizes.

Choose this plan if your bird is:

  • Most species
  • Any age
  • Likes treats
  • Easily accepts new food

Tough Love Step-by-Step Plan

  1. tough love

    Step 1

    Start by placing a few extra food dishes in your bird's cage. Put one next to your bird's highest perch, typically where he sleeps. Place the second food dish lower in the cage where you would normally feed your bird.

  2. tough love 2

    Step 2

    Each of these dishes should contain the new pelleted food.

  3. tough love 3

    Step 3

    Place a third dish containing a small portion of the old food in the cage.

  4. tough love 4

    Step 4

    Establish a routine of feeding your bird a portion of the old food twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

  5. tough love 5

    Step 5

    In the middle of the day, give your bird a treat he really enjoys, like a few bites of fresh fruit, fresh veggies or a small portion of cooked food. This treat needs to be something you know your bird will readily eat.

  6. tough love 6

    Step 6

    Once you have established this routine for a few days, stop giving him the old food in the morning, so the only food he has available in the morning is the new food.

  7. tough love 7

    Step 7

    Continue this routine for a few days.

  8. TL

    Step 8

    Next, take away the old food in the evening. By this point, most birds are readily eating the new food.

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