Slow and Steady

Over the course of a week, your bird gradually transitions from his old food to a new pellet-based feeding plan.

Choose this plan if your bird is:

  • A Conure or larger
  • Over 3 years old
  • A foot feeder
  • A shy personality

Slow and Steady Step-by-Step Plan

  1. slow & steady 1

    Step 1

    Day 1 Evening – In the evening, take your old food out of the cage.

  2. slow & steady 2

    Step 2

    Day 2 Morning – First thing in the morning, put the new food in the cage. Leave the new food in the cage for the next 4 hours.

  3. slow & steady 3

    Step 3

    Day 2 Afternoon – If your bird is eating the new food, that’s great. If not, give your bird a serving of their old food in a different food cup. Do not mix the old and new food.

  4. slow & steady 4

    Step 4

    Day 2 Evening – Before bedtime, remove any old food that remains in the cage. Put a portion of the new food in the cage overnight.

  5. slow & steady 5

    Step 5

    Day 3 Morning – Observe the amount of the new food eaten. If it’s being consumed readily, that’s great. If not, leave the new food in the cage again for 4-6 hours.

  6. slow & steady 6

    Step 6

    Day 3 Evening – In the evening, if your bird is still not eating, place another serving of the old food in the cage. Remove this food before bedtime. Put a portion of the new food in the cage overnight.

  7. slow and steady

    Step 7

    Day 4 – Day 7 – Continue to gradually extend the length of time the new food is in the cage over the next few days. Only feed the old food in the evening if your bird is not consuming the new food. The goal is to begin to completely eliminate the old food and convert over to the new food.

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