Birdie's Choice

Choose three types of pellets and let your bird select his new pellet-based feeding plan quickly and without weeks of transitioning foods.

Choose this plan if your bird is:

  • Cockatiel or smaller
  • Under 3 years old
  • Ground feeding species
  • Finger tame

Birdie's Choice Step-by-Step Plan

  1. BirdiesChoice_Step1.png

    Step 1

    Choose up to three different types of pelleted food for your bird.

  2. BirdiesChoice_Step2.png

    Step 2

    Place your bird on a safe table top that allows him to move around.

  3. BirdiesChoice_Step3.png

    Step 3

    Create a few small piles of pellets of each type of food on the table.

  4. BirdiesChoice_Step4.png

    Step 4

    Tap in front of the piles to get your bird’s attention. Spread the piles out a little if necessary.

  5. BirdiesChoice_Step5.png

    Step 5

    Praise your bird and scratch their head as they start to eat the food.

  6. BirdiesChoice_Step6.png

    Step 6

    You can also place a bird safe mirror flat on the table to stimulate your bird’s interest as he sees another bird eating the food.

  7. BirdiesChoice_Step7.png

    Step 7

    Once he starts eating the food, place the food they most readily enjoy in the cage.

  8. birdies choice 8

    Step 8

    Monitor your bird’s intake to ensure your bird is eating the proper portion of food each day.

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