Converting Your Bird To Healthy Pellets

Converting your bird from seeds to pellets may not seem like an easy task. But, making the switch to a pelleted food is worth the effort for your bird's health and wellbeing. Most avian veterinarians recommend a pellet-based diet to keep your bird active, encourage a strong immune system and promote overall good health.

Start the transition today with one of our three Feed Smart® Easy Start Plans, created to fit the needs of your lifestyle and the habits of your bird.

Easy Start Plans

  • Tough Love Icon

    Tough Love

    By moving between old food, new food, and treat incentives, your bird converts to a new pellet-based feeding plan by creating a routine he recognizes.

    Choose this plan if your bird is:

    • Most species
    • Any age
    • Likes treats
    • Easily accepts new food
  • Slow and Steady Icon

    Slow and Steady

    Over the course of a week, your bird gradually transitions from his old food to a new pellet-based feeding plan.

    Choose this plan if your bird is:

    • A Conure or larger
    • Over 3 years old
    • A foot feeder
    • A shy personality
  • Birdie's Choice Icon

    Birdie's Choice

    Choose three types of pellets and let your bird select his new pellet-based feeding plan quickly and without weeks of transitioning foods.

    Choose this plan if your bird is:

    • Cockatiel or smaller
    • Under 3 years old
    • Ground feeding species
    • Finger tame

Make an appointment with your veterinarian for a general health exam to be sure your bird is free from underlying disease before undergoing a dietary change. At this time, you and your veterinarian can agree on how to proceed.

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