How Do You Know if Your bird is Getting the Nutrition He Needs for a Long and Healthy Life?

What’s the best diet for your bird?

The best diet for your bird is one that provides a reliable consistent source of balanced nutrition. It’s also a diet that your bird likes to eat and gives him an enjoyable eating experience, while preventing obesity and other nutritionally related diseases.

Feeding a variety of foods does not guarantee good nutrition

Bird owners feed their birds a wide variety of foods ranging from seeds to home-prepared foods to commercial diets. Unfortunately, feeding a variety of foods does not always prevent nutritional imbalances. Many of these diets lack important nutrients birds need to maintain their health. Often they are not balanced, providing too much of this vitamin or nutrient, or not enough of another.

Home prepared diets are not necessarily healthy

As a labor of love, some bird owners chop, cook and mix special foods for their birds. Not only is this time-consuming, it is impossible to make sure your bird is getting the correct balance of nutrients. Too much iron, too little calcium, improper levels of Vitamins A, D, E and K. How do you know?

Supplement sparingly with fruits and vegetables

If your bird enjoys fruits and vegetables, go ahead and serve them, but they should not make up more than 15% of your bird’s daily diet. Fruits and vegetables do not offer all the nutrients your bird needs, and some are high in sugar and fiber, curbing your bird’s appetite for a more nutritious food.

ZuPreem® Avian Diets take the guesswork out of your bird’s nutrition

When you feed ZuPreem Life-stage Avian Diets, you know your bird is getting balanced nutrition. From Embrace® Hand-Feeding Formulas to adult Avian-Maintenance™ FruitBlend® With Natural Fruit Flavors and Natural Diets, your bird will get the precise nutrition he needs for each stage of his life. Backed by more than 45 years of nutrition research, ZuPreem diets have high-quality fresh ingredients that result in highly digestible and very palatable foods. Food your bird will like to eat and you will feel good about feeding him. Food that will provide all the nutrition he needs for a long and healthy life.