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Feed Smart® Nutrition Plan

An easy way to ensure your bird gets balanced nutrition throughout the week. Support your bird's good health by limiting overconsumption of seed and including healthy nutrition found in ZuPreem® Smart Pellets.™

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Essential Nutrition

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Feed daily as a foundation for your bird's healthy balanced diet.

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Enriching Variety

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Feed occasionally to keep your bird active, engaged and happy.

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Rewarding Treats

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Feed as a reward for those special moments with your bird.

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Sensible Seed™

Enriching Variety™

A premium blend of seeds and FruitBlend® Flavor Smart Pellets™ to provide pet birds a sensible way to indulge in a seed mix.

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Pure Fun™

Enriching Variety™

A premium blend of fruit, FruitBlend® Flavor Smart Pellets™ and vegetables to provide your pet bird pure fun.

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Real Rewards™ Trail Mix

Rewarding Treats™

A premium blend of pistachios, bananas, apricots and cranberries to provide your pet bird a real treat.

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Learn more from our veterinary partners about providing your bird the best nutrition and care.

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